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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why certain wine has an unusually high rating (for example, B 100)?
This rating means that a wine has won only gold awards. This may happen also if a wine has won gold only once, and never entered other contests. As a rule, if a wine was submitted to several contests, our resulting rating score would be more precise. 
2. I cannot find any mention of a certain Georgian wine. Many wines are missing! What's the problem?
There is only one reason: The wine has never been rated by an international source, and never has been awarded by gold medal at a leading international wine contest.  Such wines do not have independent rating score ("A", "B", "AB"). They may be listed on commercial basis only, and marked by "C".  
Many excellent Georgian wines do not have independent rating because they are unique, and thus cannot compete at wine contests.   
We hope that more wines will be added to our Catalogue by winemakers. 
3. I want to add a wine to the Catalogue. What information is needed? 
Please email us the the label image, and basic information. More details can be found here. To add a product, you must be a wine business professional: winemaker or wine trader.
4. I want my wine to be rated. Shall I send my wine to you?
If you want to send a bottle to us, thank you, this is nice of you. But we do not rate wines: we only collect ratings from various professional sources and integrate them into one single score. You may send your product to any renown wine-rating organization. We can help you by providing the contact information.
5. My wine has won a new medal! How can your wine card information be updated?
Editing the wine card is easy. Just e-mail us the information on a new award or rating. We will re-calculate the wine's score accordingly. 

If your question is not answered, please email at Cat.Hvino (at) artenom-cfe.com.

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