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Welcome! Catalogue is open under motto Place for the Best, as all represented wines are gold medal winners of largest contests, or were rated by world's leading wine experts. 
If you are winemaker and want to add your wine to our Catalogue, please see section Partners.

The purpose of this site   [read in Russian | на русском языке]
This site is for people who buy Georgian wines in the world's wine stores. It helps to select the best wine in preferred price range.  The Catalogue can be used actually while standing by the wine shelf, from any mobile device.
Wine's Card

How to search for wine 

Enter the wine name/year in search window, and click "Search catalogue". You may use a mobile phone. If you are choosing between several wines, you can find the higher score. You may also relate score to average retail price.

How to read the wine's card

If you see A, B, or AB, the wine has independent Hvino Rating. It is based on leading international ratings and medals from best wine contests (details on Hvino Rating are below). Rating scale:

95-100 Excellent;  90-94 Outstanding;  85-89 Very good;  80-84 Good 
Letter A means the wine was rated by leading wine experts. B means the wine has won medals. AB means the wine was rated and won medals.
Besides independent rating, the wine's card may carry information provided by producer or seller. Such company's information is marked C and by colour, to distinguish from independent ratings.

Sources of Hvino Rating

The independent Hvino Rating is based on: (A) international ratings, and (B) on international contests. Our rating integrates the ratings from all independent sources into a single score, for maximum user convenience.
      (A) The source ratings include Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Jancis RobinsonBTI (Beverage Tasting Institute), Weinwirtschaft, and others.
      (B) The list of international contests is same as official list used by Georgian Wine Association.

What else can you do?

  • To find wines with a certain rating, enter the score (for example A 99) in search window. You will see if there are any wines with this rating. 
  • To find which wines are the best within same price category, enter the price (for example $25), and compare the scores. Please note that the price in US$ is only for orientation and comparison. It may not correspond exactly to your retailer's price.
  • Find more information about your wine in Hvino News Database:  Click here, enter wine name in the "Search" window in right column. Click "Search Hvino News".

Questions or suggestions?

We welcome questions and suggestions. If you need more detailed information, please email at
Cat.Hvino (at) artenom-cfe.com.
Georgian Wine Catalogue is a new initiative, and we will be thankful for all feedback and proposals about improving our service, or about new partnerships.